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Rock Technologies

Was and is intensively engaged with huge R&D Efforts
since the last 15 years to find new Methods and Solutions to overcome
the Latency and their related Bandwidth Killing Issues within
Cable (DSL, Vectoring) - Mobile (3, 4, 5G) - Satellite (GEO, MEO, LEO)
TCP/IP Networks.


Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Klaus Rock
Freelance Researcher, Inventor, Developer

* Basic Research
 Applied Research
* Experimental Development

Internet  Architectures - Technologies - Protocols

Holder of several international grandet and pending Patents 



Is an essential step within R&D Processes  to get a Confirmation about Advantages and Disadvantages of different Approaches and find the right Track to a perfect Solution.

India Outsourcing

Since these Processes and their Results are not calculable in Time and Money they were outsourced to India

Coding Try and Errors

Furthermore, Time intensive Experiments with various programming Languages such as Erlang and C / C ++ were performed to find the right Development Environment for the optimal Solution.

Latency Issue Solved

Most of all the Bandwidth Killing Protocol Roundtrips and all other well-known TCP Disadvantages

* HTTP-SS 5G High Performane Server with own Linux Kernel
* Generating Handshake free multiplexed Object Stream 
* Smart Object Push using Artificial Intelligence

* With integrated Network Slicing Feature
* Always garanteed maximum available Speed
* No Retransmission Impact on Bandwidth 
* Secure Data Transmission garanteed

* Transparent Integration into existing Networks
* Supporting all Internet Standards



While these Try and Error, Prototyping, Proof of Concept Processes several Patents where filed to protect these new R&D Knowledge by national and international Patent Laws.
Only to mention some:

US 8,082,357 B2
EP 1466425
DE 10 2004 048 343.4

Method for reducing the latency time for interactive data
communication between a client computer and a server
computer, connected via a satellite network  containing
a geostationary satellite ....... 

EP 19189655.4

Method And System For Data Transmission With Significantly
Reduced Latency Losses

Specifications & Production Planing

In order to be able to produce a Release Version, Specifications, Calculations, Timetables and Human Resource Plans have to be created

Programming Specification

A detailed Programming Specification for a Release Version together with all User and Installation Manuals are available.

Cost Calculation

The whole Development Tasks
is devided in several independent precisely calculated Development Process


Human Resource Planing

The right Programmer to the right Programming task.
Resource Plan is ready

Project Time Line

Each Task must also be calculated with right Time so the Subsystems can be assembled to the Release Version

Release Production

The Name of the Release Version is HTTP-SS 5G and can now be produced
See WEB Site:

Stress Tests

Intensive Stress Tests are performed to find Bottlenecks and Hardware Limits

Product Documentation

The Product Documentation is updated based on this Development Process


Bug Fixing

Code Bugs are isolated and eliminated to guarantee the highest possible Product Quality and Stability


Expected Delivery Time is 1 Year.

Roll Out and System Integration

Integration into existing Cables, Mobile and Satellite Networks
Details please see:


For 3,4,5G Mobile Networks


Satellite Networks



High Performance Computing