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The first Smart Terminal Server Client provides a delay free Data Entry for all centralized ERP-Solutions in a Satellite Network

Why this new Technology:

To follow a Thin Client and Server based Computer Strategy it is necessary to install all Components of an Application System (Presentation Layer, Middle Tier Layers, Business Logic Components or Database Connectivity etc. ) on a centralized Application Server.

Modern WEB-Applications use a thin WEB-Browser-Client to offer the User a graphical User Interface (GUI) to enter, retrieve and update Data. All Software Systems for retrieving Recordsets from a SQL-Server and creating Dynamic WEB-Pages are placed on WEB-Application Servers.

This kind of  Application Environment and GUI has several disadvantages which is being faced by all those who work under such environment in the past several years. The most important are:

  • Restricted graphical possibilities of the DHTML Code

  • No direct Connection to the Backend Database

  • Heavy Traffic between Server and Client because of extensive HTTP-Packages

  • No use of Proxy Servers possible because every Site has different dynamic Content

  • Poor Performance

That’s the reason why many Customers want to work still with an accustomed Window Surface.  But to operate a Window Application in a Server based Environment there are only two considerable Possibilities:

  1. With Microsoft Terminal Server

  2. With Citrix MetaFrame Server

Both work well in a Network with a low Round Trip Time (RTT) but fail if this Time is >= 200 ms because there is a visible Delay while working with a Data Entry Form. 

Even greater Bandwidth can not solve this Problem because:

The Client receives Information from the Server as Images. The Keystrokes and Mouse Input are handled by the Server. So the User needs to wait for the input to Travel to the Server and for the Response back to the Client as Images.

This takes approximately 2 Seconds in a Satellite Network.

For Example if a User is trying to fill up a Form and he is trying to enter ‘A’ in one of the Fields, following Events happen.

  1. The  Keystroke is send to the Server by the Client (1 Second)

  2. The Server Processes and Displays the Value in the Form (Few Millisecond)

  3. The updated Image of the full Screen is sent to the Client  after compression (1 Second).

Normally the User would key in the Form without expecting a Feedback on the Screen. Probably he will check once in 5 sec on the Screen to check the Entry.

Again, any correction to be done  becomes a process as above.

The Conclusion is:

Terminal Sever and Citrix MetaFrame Server are not practical over a high Latency Satellite Network.

Now our new Solution:

  • SEN1000 ZDC works not with graphical Bitmaps but directly with Control Objects which will reduce at the same Time the Bandwidth Requirement and eliminating the Delay while working with Data Forms.

  • SEN1000 ZDC interacts with its server component intelligently to update the server whenever there is a requirement

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Benefits Summary:

  • SEN1000 ZDC reduces the Amount of Data transfer to 40%.

  • The existing Applications would require only 60% existing Bandwidth with SEN1000 ZDC.

  • The User Experience increases 5 times. Meaning the users are very comfortable Working on the Application and their waiting Time comes down.

  • Productivity increases as a User can handle 3 times more Data Entry with SEN1000 ZDC.

Direct Server to Client Window Object Replication

Only a Server-based Computing Architecture with our SEN1000 ZDC Technology is well qualified for a Satellite based Network  because the Data amount can be  reduced to Minimum  and for the user there is no delay while entering Data.

Combined all together with using Terminal Server concatenated with SEN1000 ZDC, SEN100CG or SEN200 Hybrid, it provides the best bet for a customer to save money by reducing traffic over the satellite link and experience a highly improved network performance and interactive applications.

SEN1000 ZDC Bandwidth Saving

Together with the integrated SEN200 Hybrid Accelerator there is a huge Bandwidth Saving in Comparison with Microsoft Terminal or Citrix MetaFrame Server.

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All methods and solutions are protected by world wide pending patents