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Our SEN200 Hybrid is for any TCP / IP Traffic produced by static or dynamic WEB Server Applications, Terminal- or CITRIX Server Applications in a centralized server based computing Environment for Microsoft Operation Systems like WINDOWS 2000/XP, WINDOWS 2000/2003 SERVER

It is for any TCP / IP Traffic produced by any Application like

  • Web Pages both static and dynamic

  • CLIENT/SERVER Applications,

  • Terminal - or CITRIX Servers,

  • FTP Applications,

  • E-Mail Applications, etc.

By using SEN200 Hybrid, one can experience the following:

Users can save 80 % Traffic / Bandwidth usage in their Satellite Link. This will result in major cost saving.

Experience a phenomenal Increase in the Network Performance

A high improvement in your Interactive Performance with Reduction in Latency time.

As a result of this development works which had originated a from the system software and from the Applications Developer with independent transaction oriented B2B-Plattform, one can experience a smooth data communication.
The SEN200 Hybrid software is forward-looking and also satellite based. Additionally, during end of the year 2000, when a Test Project was performed with a Company that was using Citrix, it was proved that this newly developed software can be distributed through Internet.

All in a Software......No Hardware needed.....Easy to install. It runs as a Service and not as a Driver.

The patented SEN200 Hybrid Satellite Accelerator provides an economical satellite based Operation for static and dynamic Web Applications, Server-based Computing like Microsoft Terminal - or Citrix MetaFrame Servers with a simultaneous applicability for interactive Applications.

As the SEN200 Hybrid Satellite Accelerator Software is realised as a Service and not as a Driver, this Solution offers the biggest advantage concerning stability and with minimum of a Failure Rate when compared to normal operation.

The SEN200 Hybrid Satellite Accelerator runs as a Service Software under all Microsoft Operating Systems like Windows 2000/2003 Server, Windows 2000 or Windows XP.

SEN200 Hybrid Satellite Accelerator - increases dramatically the Performance in a TCP/IP Satellite based Network for all kinds of streaming and interactive Computer Applications.

SEN200 Hybrid Satellite Accelerator reduces by his own optimized TCP/UDP/IP Protocol, the Latency Time in a Satellite Network by 50 %.

SEN200 Hybrid Satellite Accelerator has a simple and robust Retransmission behaviour which reduces dramatically the conventional TCP/IP Overhead.

SEN200 Hybrid Satellite Accelerator includes a HTTP-Compression for static and dynamic generated WEB-Traffic which is done on the Fly.

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Important Features And Key Advantages

SEN200 Hybrid Satellite Accelerator builds a bridge between Level 3 and Level 4 of the ISO Network It works as Reference Model to cluster and reduce directly the HTTP/RDP/ICA and all other IP/TCP-Network-Traffic between a WEB-Server, Terminal- or Citrix MetaFrame Server and the Client. The SEN200 Hybrid Satellite Accelerator reduces the Amount of Packages produced by WEB- and WEB Application Servers, Microsoft Terminal or Citrix MetaFrame Server over 80 % and by this the bandwidth reduces dramatically.

SEN200 Hybrid Satellite Accelerator also reduces the Latency without loosing the reliability in a TCP/IP Network.

The robust and simple Retransmission Behaviour reduces also the level of FEC required, thereby gaining additional useable bandwidth.

SEN200 Hybrid Satellite Accelerator furthermore prevents Timeout, Retransmissions, Congestion Control and dropping of the Window Size caused through the long latency time which is usual in a TCP Satellite based Network.

SEN200 Hybrid Satellite Accelerator can also run in a Multiprocessor Environment, where processors simultaneously runs several machine instructions. The code is a re-entrant in an SMP machine.

This is to be taken out as it is already stated above.

The SEN200 Hybrid Satellite Accelerator transparently intercepts unlimited connections from all incoming TCP-Inquires from WEB-Browsers, Microsoft Terminal or Citrix MetaFrame Applications without requiring any proxy settings.

All SEN200 Hybrid Satellite Accelerator local Parameter Settings are optimized remotely and are dynamically adapted according to the actual Satellite Linked Environment and Traffic Situation.

SEN200 Hybrid Satellite Accelerator includes also an own Security System to prevent illegal access at the Application Server Farm.

SEN200 Hybrid Satellite Accelerator runs under all Microsoft Desktop Operating Systems like Windows 2000/XP.

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