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Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Klaus Rock
Bonhoefferstrasse 37

73432 Aalen




To provide solution for our clients, we have two products.  One is SEN1000 ZDC and another one is SEN200 Hybrid.

All Applications and Data are provided, managed and executed on a Server. A Server based Computing Architecture is well qualified for a Mobil and Satellite based Network because the Data amount can be reduced to Minimum.

Through its revolutionary SEN1000 ZDC and SEN200 Hybrid, Rock Technologies is able to provide complete delay free entry for Window and Mac based computer applications.

Companies benefiting from this revolutionary technology:

  • Leased Line Enterprise Networks

  • Tunnelled Enterprise VPN's over the Internet

  • Satellite based Point to Point VSAT Networks

  • Satellite based mashed VSAT Networks

  • Satellite DVB Networks with Return Channel


SEN1000 ZDC  

For Delay Free Data Entry and Bandwidth Saving in Satellite & Mobile Network

SEN1000 ZDC - Provides a delay free Data Entry and Bandwidth saving for all centralized ERP solutions in Satellite or Mobile Network

For Windows 2008/2012/2016 Terminal Server, Hyper-V, App-V ... Applications in a Satellite or Mobile Data Network Environment.

  • SEN1000 ZDC provides a new pending patented solution which will reduce the bandwidth requirement and also increases the user’s productivity.
  • SEN1000 ZDC archives this by bringing the Application windows, Dialog and other controls to the client's desktop.
  • SEN1000 ZDC interacts with its server component intelligently to update the server whenever there is a requirement.
  • The user’s working comfort level increases 5 times. Meaning that the users are very comfortable working on the application and their waiting time comes
  • Productivity increases,as a user can handle 3 times more data entry with SEN1000. SEN1000 ZDC increases the User Acceptance because it sees no Difference between working locally or remotely with a Terminal Server Application.
  • SEN1000 ZDC works directly and together with the Microsoft Terminal Service under Windows 2008/2012 and Windows 2016 Server.
  • By making SEN1000 ZDC work together with SEN200 Hybrid, the usage of Bandwidth is minimised. This is done by avoiding unnecessary Traffic or by optimizing Network Traffic.

  • more details online        or     download PDF Files>

SEN200 Hybrid  

Bandwidth and Latency Time Reducer for  Satellite & Mobile Network

SEN200 Hybrid - increases dramatically the Performance in a Server based Computing Environment like Microsoft Terminal or Citrix MetaFrame Server.

SEN200 Hybrid - makes this for the first time possible, because it provides significant cost savings to link operators by efficiently utilizing expensive satellite Bandwidth plus providing interactive capability by reducing the latency time.

  • Reduces Amount of Packages over 80 % in your SATELLITE LINK or MOBILE DATA Network
  • Reduces Latency Time by 50 % through Protocol Converter from TCP to UDP
  • Reduces Level for FEC through simple and robust Retransmission Protocol
  • Multiprocessor Support (SMP)
  • Experience a phenomenal increase in NETWORK PERFORMANCE
  • Runs as a Service and provides hereby a Maximum of Stability and a Minimum of a Failure Rate
  • No Proxy settings and unlimited connections.
  • No additional Setup Procedures and no Changes in existing Hard- and Software (Zero Installation)
  • More accurate Parameters adjustable by Remote Control
  • Integrated Security System to prevent illegal access on Application Server Farm.
  • Package statistic for exact accounting

more details online        or      download PDF Files


All methods and solutions are protected by world wide pending patents